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Mobile Games are the new game changers in movie promotions.

TV Ads and traditional campaigns are passé, movie studios have adopted big way to the Internet media but even then the challenges in movie promotion continue to motivate new solutions to better engage the audience. Engage the audience and get them involved in the movie even before the movie gets released? Yes, even that is possible.

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Madagascar Join the Circus

Madagascar Join the Circus is an iOS game built by [x]cube GAMES, based on the popular film, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted by Dreamworks. It has hit more than 2 mn downloads at the App Store and has made its way into the top rankings.

Why Mobile?

The major question for all movie studios today is - what can they do to reach a bigger audience and get them involved? Today the audience is living on their mobile devices, a screen that is extremely personal and that which they carry with themselves all the time. So what better way to reach and expand your audience base but to reach them on their mobile ?

Why Games?

Games has always been one of the most engaging activity for mobile users and leveraging the interactive experience of an interesting game play that is aligned to the movie characters and plots, could be an extremely effective way for getting an audience involved in the movie. We have already seen a number of major production houses resorting to mobile games as a channel for promoting their movie titles and the response has always been great.

Proven Beyond Doubt

The theory of using mobile games to engage audiences to a movie, create a buzz and consequently increase the ticket sells has already been proved beyond doubt by the success of iconic movies like Pirates of the Caribbean - Masters of the Sea, Mission Impossible 3, Superman Returns etc. We have tested success first hand with another legendary successful movie Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, where the app got downloaded more than 2 million times within the first month of launch.

Our Offering

Getting 2 million users involved in your movie with one game. Isn't that commendable?
At [x]cube GAMES we have gone past being just a game development studio; our consultants work with you in creating strategies that help you leverage the power of gaming for your next launch.

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