social kinesis

Build. Manage. Analyze. Monetize. Most powerful state of the art mobile social simulation game management engine – making it easy, all from the cloud!

Co-developed by [x]cube GAMES, Social Kinesis is the most powerful force in the social game management and has powered many social-stimulation games. A cloud based management system that allows you to build, manage, analyze and monetize your game with complete ease.

Have a game to be designed?

With Social Kinesis, you can-

  • Set-up and manage entire virtual economy of the game
  • Single sign-in across platforms and devices
  • Analyze user activity in real-time.
  • Integrate social media, friend messaging into your game
  • Deep reporting on DAUs, MAUs, RPDAU, RPPDAU, ARPU, ARPPU and multiple monetization factors
  • Integrated trigger-controlled push notification management

  • Plus much more to give you complete control over your game.

    [x]cube GAMES is a contract mobile game developer, specializing in social & serious games.
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