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Mobile games are no more a buzzword; they are a big business opportunity. Look around and you will see innovative ways through which brands are leveraging games to promote products, build/reinforce brands, train workforce and much more.

We can make games work for business, because we understand the business of gaming.

Games for Product Launches

Launching a new product or a service? From pizzas to consumer durables to high-value products like cars and even homes; an interactive game can be an excellent tool to create the buzz for your product, grab attention and introduce it to your audience. McDonalds did it for its new sandwich McRib. Audi has launched games for its various car models. You too can follow suit. And create a perfect launch pad for your new product.

Games for Customer Engagement

When travel site Expedia wanted to drive customer engagement; it launched FriendTrips. USA Network's TV show Psych has a game called Club Psych where customers are encouraged to engage and share content. Yes, mobile games can help you get up, close and personal with your audiences, occupy their mind-share and create a positive brand image. One with high recall value!

Games for Employee Engagement

Let your workforce play hard and work harder. Mobile games are a new source to motivate, subconsciously train your employees, improve their decision-making, multitasking abilities, time-management skills and ultimately boost productivity. Simulation and role playing games can help your workforce understand new, critical processes, participate in it and get a feel of it. Feedbacks can be exchanged that can help you review and improve the new system, all these in an engaging and cost-effective way.

Games for Advertising

The mobile social gamer is a new, fastly emerging target group. One with big purchasing power; brands simply can't afford to ignore them. But to target them, you have to reach where your audience is. Mobile games can help you target market to your consumer base, understand their needs and cater to them in quick time. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Malaysia Airlines, MasterCard- the list of top brands leveraging games is getting longer, each day. When will you join it?

Games for your Movie/Entertainment Show

Movie studios and other entertainment providers are facing a stiff challenge in attracting a bigger audience. Mobile games can be successfully leveraged to boost viewership by engaging audience even before the release, creating a buzz and thereby bringing them to the theatres. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. used games to sterling effect to make "The Hunger Games" a box office phenomenon. Superman Returns, Madagascar 3 - Join The circus also became a raging success, thanks to compelling game plays. Are you game for it?

At [x]cube GAMES, we can help you build a goal-specific mobile gaming strategy and then successfully and perfectly realize it with our in-depth mobility expertise, industry-specific solutions and avant-garde intellectual properties.

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