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Success for us

2 million users in the first month with Madagascar 3: JOIN THE CIRCUS. That’s the kind of success we talk about. And our mobile game developers are quite confident of repeating it, again and again!

Technology + Creativity

At [x]cube, we perfectly understand that building a mobile game goes beyond technical brilliance. A highly engaging game requires an expert team of artists and mobile developers who have firm grip on various facets like visual design, user experience, game play and mechanics etc. In addition, you need creativity, superior cross-disciplinary co-ordination and above all a knack to correctly read the pulse of your audience. At [x]cube GAMES; we have the creative forte of an award-winning designing team and the technical expertise of specialist mobile game developers to give life to your gaming ideas.

Experience + Expertise

[x]cube GAMES begun its journey as a mobile game development company very early and since then has partnered with leading names like D3 Publisher, Mattel Inc., Alchemy3, PlayHut and SkyRain Mobile LLC etc. Over the years, we have partnered with many marquee clients to help them build games for brand promotion, movie promotion and employee training. From action, role-play, social to strategy games- our game developers have worked on the entire spectrum and honed our skills to master each category and genre.

Quicker time to market

We have also invested our efforts in building avant-garde intellectual properties like Brand Kinesis- a cloud based game management system that allows you to build, manage, analyze and monetize games on a single platform; and ISO BOARDGAME- that has powered many successful social simulation games. These properties help us speed-up our game development process and help you go to market in quick time.

End to end Services

At [x]cube GAMES, we have an expert team of mobile game designers and engineers providing you end-to-end services right from concept development, game design to monetization and analytics to help you build high quality, connected and popular mobile games. Our team of mobile game developers is quite adept at understanding your target audience, capabilities of a particular platform, the app store dynamics involved and the game play required to make your audience go wow!

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[x]cube GAMES is a contract mobile game developer, specializing in social & serious games.
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