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Why build HTML 5 games?.

  • Build once. Deploy everywhere.
  • Target all mobile users.
  • Keep the game always up­dated.
  • Freedom from app stores.
  • Unparalleled expertise

    HTML 5 is changing the game by breaking the barriers of device diversity and platform fragmentation. With seamless support to HD multimedia content and other numerous features, HTML 5 is becoming the technology of choice to develop intrinsic games. At [x]cube GAMES, we perfectly understand the potential and possibilities of HTML 5 and have earned unmatchable expertise in leveraging the technology to create high­quality games that engage and delight users. Moroever, we know that apart from technology, a successful game also needs art and compelling story­telling to be on the top of the users mind. And that's why we have a highly ingenuine team of game designers and UI/UX experts to give life to your gaming idea and engineer it to success.

    Trusted by leading brands

    [x]cube GAMES has earned the trust of leading brands like CBS Studios, Mattel inc., D3 PUBLISHER, Alchemy3, PlayHut, SkyRain Mobile LLC and PocketGems etc. We have partnered with many reputed brands and helped them build games for movie promotions, customer engagement and brand marketing. Our complete authority over mobile as a gaming platform and unbeatable expertise over HTML game development process helps us deliver games of all types­ right from social games to strategy games.

    Complete suite of services

    [x]cube GAMES is more than a mobile game developer. With services ranging from strategy, publishing, monetization and support; we are a technology partner to our clients. We have invested in numerous intellectual properties including gaming engines, cloud based game management system, user acquisition and in­app monetization tools, mobile game analytics and context aware platforms; to offer you comprehensive suite of services for your HTML 5 game project.

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